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Home Window Film

If you're tired of harsh sunlight, uncontrollable glare, concerns about fading, or temperature imbalances in your home, it is probably time for Window Film. The application of Window Film can solve all of these problems, and more. Contact our office to set up an appointment today.

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Replacement Windows

At Solar Shield, we know buying new windows is a big decision. That is why we help you through all aspects of the buying process; from planning, to purchasing, to installing. We do not sell and forget. That is how we would want to be treated, so that is how we do it.

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Car Window Tinting

Many people believe window tint on your car is for looks alone. However, there are many benefits of having window film. It helps reduce harsh sun light during the day, glare from other vehicles at night, and fading on the interior of your car. Contact our office today to learn more.

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