Matthew Frisella

Owner/Window Film Specialist

Matthew is our window film expert at Solar Shield. He has been installing and selling film products in Western North Carolina for the past 5 years. Matthews prior work experience was owning and operating a cabinetry and home remodeling company in Eastern North Carolina. However, the allure of the beautiful North Carolina Mountains was too much for him.

Shelley Frisella

Owner/Office Manager

Shelley is our resident book-keeper and master organizer. We consider her the backbone of our business. She helps Solar Shield stay consistent and professional with every customer interaction. Shelley has over 30 years of book keeping experience. She has worked for industries such as, manufacturers, car dealers, contractors, and public school systems.

Jim Frisella

Window/Door/Installation Specialist

Jim is an industry professional, with over 35 years of experience in construction, wood working, cabinetry, and home building and remodeling. He has spent the past 5 years as the head of Westall Chandley's service and installation department before joining Solar Shield. Prior to coming to Asheville, Jim owned an operated a residential and commercial construction company for over 25 years in eastern North Carolina. Because of Jim's skills, knowledge, and work ethic, he is a valued asset to Solar Shield and our customers.