Exterior Doors

One of the most important features of a home are the exterior doors. Since doors are used every time you enter or exit a home, the exterior doors are always a main focal point. With Sun Doors you not only get a beautiful door, but you get reliability and security. Sun Doors come with single point or multi-point handle sets for increased home security. Also, they are engineered with a veneer covered laminated core for stability and warp prevention. With Sun Doors, you are getting a secure and sturdy product for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about Sun Doors, contact our office at 828-252-5220.

Benefits of New Exterior Doors

Energy Efficiency

Similar to windows, doors play a large roll in home efficiency. Much of the heat loss or gain from the home is caused by air flow are the doors. Some causes of this problem could be normal wear and tear on the door, low quality door seals or locking mechanisms, or improper door installation. If you are worried about the efficiency of your existing door, contact our office for an appointment today.

Increase Comfort

Since Sun Doors are energy efficient, the home owner will feel big change in the temperature imbalances in the home. With inefficient doors, there could be hot or cold spots around every door in the home. However, with sun doors increased efficiency, temperature imbalances should no longer be a problem.

More Security

Everyone should feel secure in their homes, and Sun Doors will do just that. With veneer cover laminated core and multi-point handle sets, your home should be completely secure. To hear even more security options for your windows and doors, contact our office at 828-252-5220.

Improve Door Operation

There are two main factors which can improve the operation of your doors; the quality of the door and the installation. At Solar Shield we only offer quality products and installation for our customers. Sun Doors are made to the highest industry standards and come with a warranty. Also, our installation expert has over 35 years of experience. Contact our office to set up an appointment today.

Exterior Door Types

Inswing Doors

Inswing Doors

French Doors

True French Doors