Automotive Window Tinting

Besides a home, a car is the second biggest investment the average person makes. It's time you get the most out of your car. With Solar Shield Window Films, you can increase the life, quality, comfort, and efficiency of your vehicle. Window Tinting is not only for appearance, but can reduce fading on the cars interior. Also, window film considerably reduces glare, blocks UV rays, and improves fuel efficiency. If you contact our office with the make, model, and year of your vehicle, we will be able to quote you a price immediately. Contact us today at 828-252-5220.

Benefits of Automotive Window Tinting

Reduce Heat

Car windows from the factory are not optimized for maximum heat rejection. Most car windows have a 3 to 5 percent tint built into the glass. However, with the simple application of window tint, your windows could reject up to 70% of the heat from the sun. Not only will this make your driving more comfortable, but can improve your fuel efficiency. If there is less heat built up in your car, you do not have to run the air conditioner as often. With continuously rising fuel prices, any little bit can help.

Reduce Fading

Not only are UV Rays damaging to the skin, but also the interior of your car. The main causes of fading are UV Rays, Visible Light, and Heat. Together, these causes make up 90% of the fading in your cars interior. With the installation of Window film on your automobile you can dramatically reduce that percentage. You can improve your health, as well as, the life and appearance of your vehicle.

UV Protection

Skin Cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the world. This is caused by over exposure to the dangerous UV rays produced by the sun. With the growing technology in the window film industry, modern films can block up to 99% of these harmful UV rays. With the application of window films you can help improve the health and well being of everyone riding in your car.

Cuts Glare

Have you ever been driving at night, and the lights from other cars makes it difficult to see? The factory glass on your car provides no help. With Solar Shields automotive films we can help reduce that annoying glare to a comfortable level. Increasing the comfort and safety of you and your family, while on the road, is just a few of the benefits of automotive window films.