Residential & Commercial Window Film

The biggest investment an individual or a family will make in their life is the purchase of a home. Why not get the most out of your home? Solar Shield Window Films provides solutions for your windows which improve efficiency, comfort, and security. Window Film is a reliable and cost-efficient alternative to purchasing tinted glass. Many of these same benefits are true for commercial applications. Window film can improve the efficiency of employees, the comfort of customers, and the overall energy costs for your business. Its time to stop throwing money out the window, and put the money into your windows.

Benefits of Window Film

Energy Savings

Everyone knows it is expensive to heat and cool a home, and the cost is only rising. Windows are the greatest source for unwanted heat entering the home. With the application of window film, you can turn your costly windows into a money saving source of comfortable light. The installation time and cost of window films are but a fraction of completely replacing the windows or glass. Solar Shield Window Films provides a wide variety of shades and heat rejection to fit your specific needs.

Reduce Fading

Even inside the house, you and your valuables are more exposed to sun damage than you probably realize. Ultraviolet light and solar heat coming through any window can cause fading and irreparable damage to the things you value most. Everything from your expensive artwork and furnishings, to hardwood floors, carpets and custom draperies are at risk, and even more important, so is your skin. Solar Shield Window Films help by filtering visible light, rejecting solar heat and blocking over 99% of harmful UV light, significantly reducing your potential for damage and protecting what you treasure most.

UV Protection

Skin Cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the world. This is caused by over exposure to the dangerous UV rays produced by the sun. With the growing technology in the window film industry, modern films can block up to 99% of these harmful UV rays. With the application of window films you can help improve the health and well being of your entire family. Solar Shield Window Films also provides UV protection for your automobile. It's never too much when it comes to your family.

Safety & Security

Whether it's a threat of burglary or severe weather; such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or high winds, the strength and security of your windows is vital to the safety of your family. The application of durable security films increases the strength of the glass in your windows. Also, if the window was to shatter the security film holds the glass together. This prevents flying glass and debris during severe weather, which is the leading cause of injury.

Cuts Glare

Have you ever been watching television, working on the computer, or trying to read, but the glare from the sun has made it all but impossible to concentrate. There is no need to hide in the darkest room of the house to enjoy these activities. The application of window film allows you to enjoy the comfort of natural light but without the harsh glare. At Solar Shield Window Films we will help you decide what is the right amount of sunlight for you, and bring a little comfort back into your life.